Since its inception in 1989, ACS has experienced consistent and sustainable growth by developing strong long-term relationships with its OEM/manufacturing partners and by providing tremendous value to its clients. The Company’s customer base is extremely diverse in size and in the industries they serve. ACS delivers effectively, efficiently, and provides the best possible value for each of its customers, based on unparalleled access to technology both from established vendors and emerging new technologies. 

Company overview
ACS, part of the $1Bn+ Pivot group, is headquartered in Southern California, employs over 800 people in over 35 offices across the U.S and internationally, and maintains extensive integration labs in the Silicon Valley and Huntington Beach.

Corporate Values
We are committed to treating our employees, customers, and partners with professionalism, dignity and respect.

Our Team
Every member of the ACS team is
empowered to provide our customers
with unparalleled service and support.
The ACS corporate culture fosters strong
employee tenure which translates into
strong relationships and service continuity
for our valued clients.

Giving back to the communities in which we live, work and thrive is an important mission of the company.

Over the years, ACS’ exceptional service and support has been recognized by a variety of organizations within the IT industry.

ACS gives their US customers, with international operations, a consistent data center experience worldwide making global deployments far more efficient and cost effective.