What You Should Expect from Cloud SLAs

The cost of data center downtime is on the rise. A recent Ponemon Institute study of data centers based in the United States found that unplanned downtime costs approximately $7,900 per minute, a 41 percent increase from the 2010 survey. But what if your organization relies heavily on the cloud? It’s your cloud service provider’s […]

Managing Unstructured Data through Data Governance and DLP

Gartner estimates that data volume will grow 800 percent during the next five years. 80 percent will be stored as unstructured data, which includes files such as emails and images that don’t reside in a traditional database format. The explosive growth of unstructured data, which doubles in volume every three months, is creating a major […]

Why Fibre Channel Remains the Backbone of Storage Networks

The typical data center supports multiple networks — one for data and applications, one for storage, and perhaps another for server clustering. As such, servers must feature multiple network adapters that fulfill the I/O requirements of each function. What’s more, servers commonly have dedicated interfaces for management, backup or virtual machine live migration. Supporting all […]