Through its international operations, Applied Computer Solutions gives its US customers a consistent worldwide data center experience, making global deployments far more efficient and cost-effective.

Through their network of partners across the globe, Applied Computer Solutions allows their international customers to leverage their US sales relationship to purchase locally in a broad range of international locations, which allows them to avoid import duties and shipping fees and often to reclaim local taxes.  

Applied Computer Solutions’ engineers have detailed knowledge of their customers’ policies, procedures, and configurations, both documented and un-documented.  Applied Computer Solutions combines local architecture & design, project management, installation, and remote access capabilities with leveraging the US engineers familiar with customers procedures for configurations.  While European or Asian solution providers might have similar knowledge of product sets, but they do not have Applied Computer Solutions knowledge of the customer.

Local procurement of US international companies may try to ‘improve’ the bill of materials via alterations.  International companies, most of which support all of their data centers with a centralized group, look for consistency, not ‘improvements’ in a BOM rolled out at other data centers. Applied Computer Solutions is able to deliver a consistent data center experience for their customers world-wide.