Mission Driven

Our mission is to provide cutting edge information technology to our customers; work closely with our customers to understand and share their business needs; and to provide the full range of services - from concept, development, delivery, and throughout the life of the project.


Our industry expertise is immense; our seasoned professionals possess over 35 years experience in the Telecommunications arena and our technicians offer a broad range of technical capabilities specific to your business. They understand the regulatory considerations you face in day to day operations and can help alleviate the burdens caused by compliancy concerns.

Service Oriented

From small integration projects to complex, large-scale system deployments. ACS Telecom strives to understand our customers' IT infrastructure needs so completely that in many cases we become an extension of their organization, managing all infrastructure procurement and tracking. In doing so, we strive to create processes that simplify our customersā€™ procurement method and allow them to focus on their business, not their infrastructure purchasing requirements.

Diverse OEM Partnerships

To assist in your enterprise infrastructure optimization, ACS Telecom maintains partnership levels with the best in the business, including:

Let ACS Telecom help make the procurement of hardware and software more streamlined and efficient, ultimately enabling your organization to achieve IT infrastructure optimization.

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Partner with Confidence

Learn about the essential business procurement services we offer for your enterprise infrastructure optimization.

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