ACS and Pure Storage have a tightly integrated partnership to deliver flash storage. ACS is an inaugural member of the Pure Storage Partner Advisory Council (PAC).

Flash storage has revolutionized everything from smart phones and mobile computers, to web searches and social media. Unfortunately, it’s been nearly impossible to deploy flash across a data center without breaking the bank. Together ACS and Pure Storage have cracked the code and destroyed the disk status quo. We made all- flash storage affordable enough to use broadly across any enterprise. We believe every company should enjoy the performance, space and efficiency advantages of flash as well as the lower maintenance, power, cooling, rack space and management costs.

With ACS and Pure Storage, your business can achieve things that weren’t even imaginable with disk. No more wondering how much data you can analyze, how fast you can respond to a customer, or how quickly you can launch a new service. It’s time to unlock the productivity and creativity of your company while delivering a responsive experience to both customers and employees.  All applications. All customers. All budgets. Please visit www.purestorage.com for more information.