Imaging & Configuration

ACS's Deployment Manager is a web-based platform that creates a workflow-driven system of record. We track each deployment from initial request to delivery through to the end user, site, or location, with an emphasis on the readiness of each asset. Integration with our internal configuration and warehousing systems provides status checks and accountability throughout our workflows. ACS best practices approach is product independent and capable of managing complex configurations and device requirements across the extended enterprise.

Advanced Integration Centers

ACS's Advanced Integration Centers serve as hubs for equipment staging, configuration, logistics, and inventory. While these facilities are highly automated and designed to enable our streamlined processes, they also make a high level of customization possible. They should be viewed as “your factory,” an extension of your organization for all your IT assets.

Imaging & Configuration Processes

Imaging and configuration ensures that assets are ready to use when delivered. These services can range from basic asset tagging, burn-ins, and bundling and kitting to complex configurations of server racks that house dozens of devices. Our 1:1 configurations enable end-user devices to be customized for a particular individual.

Transparency & Optimization

The ACS team starts by gathering your custom requirements through a series of discovery meetings and questionnaires. We use a responsibility matrix to define asset management processes from end to end and estimate the time and effort required for each task based upon industry standards. We then calculate the initial price for the solution, giving a detailed breakdown of the data used according to service or transaction. We believe this level of transparency enhances our relationship and helps you better understand the true cost of IT asset management.

The Value of ACS Imaging & Configuration Services

In some cases, we will simply shift work from your on-site resources to our facilities. Typically, however, we add significant value by applying our best practices and proprietary tools. We will show you the adjusted price once our optimizations are applied so you can see how our solution can reduce costs and drive efficiencies from day one. We continue this process throughout the relationship using our User Experience Report Card. It provides a clear representation of the key performance indicators (KPIs) of all in-scope activities, including contractual SLAs. The data provided by a Performance Report Card helps to drive additional process engineering to address any failure to meet established baselines and to achieve any agreed-upon improvements.