Logistics & Coordination

Organizations depend on technology for every aspect of business operations, and they are looking to accelerate IT initiatives in order to gain competitive advantages. However, overstretched IT teams often lack the resources needed to execute these deployments and effectively manage IT assets across their lifecycles. Inefficient processes delay IT projects and increase the costs and risks of large-scale technology rollouts. ACS's Logistics and Coordination Services incorporate well-defined methodologies and sophisticated technology tools to both streamline and optimize technology deployments.

The ACS Difference

ACS applies process engineering techniques to logistics and coordination processes to reduce costs and minimize business impacts while maintaining complete transparency about how well we are performing. By defining, mapping, measuring, and continuously improving asset management throughout the IT lifecycle, we help companies minimize disruption, end-user downtime, and loss of productivity while increasing the time-to-value of their technology investments.

Logistics & Coordination Services

Logistics and Coordination Services ensure that orders are processed and shipped where and when your company needs them. Advanced User Profiling helps streamline and simplify the process for the end user while speeding time to deployment.

Getting From Here to There

ACS gains internal and external access to streamline the shipping and picking up of IT assets, including retired equipment. We use efficient processes to ensure ease of pickup and delivery. All equipment is secured prior to pickup.