Application Modernization


Although businesses are rapidly shifting their application portfolios to the cloud, most also remain heavily dependent on dozens or even hundreds of legacy, on-premises apps. Modernizing and cloud-enabling these older apps can be an exceedingly difficult task. Simply discovering all the applications in use within the organization and mapping their dependencies is a time-consuming manual process. Because it’s seldom possible to “lift and shift” applications to the cloud, organizations will need developers who have a working knowledge of older programming languages and development environments. Plus, there’s the risk that software modifications could lead to data loss or cascading failures of related apps and systems.

ACS addresses these challenges with its application modernization services. The ACS team leverages automated tools to drill down through applications and the underlying infrastructure, and gather data on performance, security, availability and other metrics. This enables a data-driven approach to application rationalization from an enterprise perspective. Our Application Modernization services deliver critical value to customers through five key offerings:

  • Actionable insights into our customers’ digital estates, facilitated by our Application Rationalization platform
  • Value-driven Design Services to envision the enterprise’s future state
  • Collaborative, data-driven Application Analysis that provide detailed input into our customers’ overall digital strategy formation
  • Delivery of application modernization projects with our Agile Software Development capability
  • Automation and de-risking of software releases through DevOps Implementations