Security Fortification


ACS’s offers a suite of solutions and services designed to mitigate cyber risks, respond to security incidents and ensure that your IT environment remains protected against the latest threats. ACS’s team of seasoned professionals can help you develop a cybersecurity strategy that improves your organization’s security posture and compliance readiness. Our professional and managed services cover the entire cybersecurity lifecycle, from assessment and testing through design and implementation, real-time monitoring and reactive response. ACS Security Portfolio provides a comprehensive approach:

  • Proactive Consulting: strategic planning, testing and assessment services to identify organizational risks and develop a roadmap for mitigating those risks
  • Real-Time Monitoring: ongoing collection and analysis of events and alerts to rapidly detect threats and take corrective action
  • Reactive Response: investigation of and response to suspected security incidents using both automated and manual interventions
  • Executive Advisory: services that address cybersecurity from a business perspective with a focus on corporate strategy, operational impact and cost containment
  • Licensing Advisory: selection, analysis and validation of security solutions and assistance with licensing procurement
  • Support Services: ancillary services to facilitate the deployment and ongoing management of security solutions and analysis of security data