The Datacenter Discipline encompasses all of the traditional datacenter components along with Next-Gen datacenter architectures and services.

Datacenter Transformation

  • Our Cloud Consulting Suite is a complete set of consulting engagements designed to help you quickly and efficiently design your Next-Gen datacenter while leveraging our years of experience to help you avoid the pitfalls along the way.


Unified Cloud Portfolio

  • ACS offers a comprehensive suite of cloud consulting services to help organizations overcome these challenges and maximize the success of cloud adoption. We begin with discovery of all applications in the environment and a thorough assessment of the existing infrastructure.
  • The Private Cloud Foundation allows you to take that first step towards your Next-Gen architecture by standardizing on one of our pre-validated Converged or Hyperconverged solutions.
  • Customers struggling with Shadow IT costs can leverage our Cloud Expense Management System to apply cost controls and governance policies to cloud spend, while also leveraging our reporting system to maximize efficiency.
  • Many organizations have struggled with implementing the full cloud consumption model that our¬†Managed Private Cloud enables. Our teams have pre-built and designed the software and initial workflows for a broad range of use cases.



  • Development departments have been moving towards a DevOps model for several years and our consultants are experienced in helping to make that transition successful.
  • Most IT shops that are utilizing DevOps methodologies are working under a bimodal framework whether they know it or not.¬† Identifying and classifying the various applications and workloads to make sure they are run within the proper model is critical and our team has the experience and know how to assist you.